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Change11 MOOC

Who I am

My Short version ( decided to create it after I saw how long my post became )

Trainer, Life and Executive Coach

Life Long Learner (inquisitive, always exploring and learning, energized by learning)

Very interested in Online Learning especially the use of Virtual Worlds. Experiment with Coaching, Learning and Teaching in SecondLife

Egyptian living and working in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

First MOOC was EduMOOC and now enrolled in Pedagogy First and Change11

My Long version (one reason why I am usually afraid of writing, it gets too long and it takes me too long to write)

I am a Trainer and Life and Executive Coach. I worked in the corporate world for over 26 years and recently I started my own consultancy offering my clients Learning and Development solutions. As a trainer, I specialize in what is usually called soft skills such as a variety of Management and Leadership skills, communication skills, Train the Trainer, Coaching etc. I am also a certified MBTI and PSI ( similar to MBTI and based on the same theory) practitioner ( my profile is ENFP ). I am a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Coach as well as a Parenting Effectiveness Training facilitator. I have a TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) certificate.

Life long learning is an important part of my personality and way of life. This lead me, in 2000, and after some research, to enroll in an Online Masters degree in  Flexible Learning with a focus in Online Learning. While I was unable to complete the degree,  I learned a lot about myself as an online learner and also about what worked and what, I think, would have helped me.

Being inquisitive by nature and interested in exploring and learning new things combined with my love of the internet and my interest in online learning, I stumbled on Second Life in 2009. Ever since, I have been actively learning about virtual Worlds in general and Second Life in particular and found in them a great potential for learning and development but also solutions for some of the difficulties I faced as an Online Learner. So far I have experimented with Coaching and Teaching languages in Second Life as well as attending classes and conferences related to both Second Life and Real Life.

A couple of months ago I discovered MOOCs and attended my first one which was EduMOOC Online Learning Today and Tomorrow. I tried to participate but I found it very intimidating and overwhelming most of the time and I ended up lurking most of the time. It felt more like attending a conference ( perhaps a point to discuss in another post). However, I loved something about the experience, the challenge, the potential for learning and connecting that I am now enrolled in two new MOOCs … Pedagogy First and Change11

hmmmm I think I need to refresh my HTML writing skills to make my posts look the way I want them to. 🙂

I am excited to be learning with so many people from all over the world and who come with such diverse experiences.


How do I Begin?

I started this account few weeks back to use it as part of a learning journey with my first ever MOOC (if you are asking what is a MOOC, I am hoping that if all goes well you will find the answer under one of the categories or tags). I ended up being a semi lurker on that for different reasons one of which (a really big one) is I freeze the minute I think of writing. What happens? I start thinking of how long it would take me to write even one paragraph and how frustrating it may become to decide on how I want things to sound, whether I am expressing myself correctly, …. the list of goes on.

The important thing is, now, and because of another two MOOCs, I am jumping in. Whether I write like a pro or make a fool of myself I know that the learning will be more than worth it


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