Blogging for Learning

Sometime back I posted 2 or 3 times in a blog that was part of a SecondLife group site. I wrote about experiences that I’d had and things that I’d seen in Secondlife. I rather enjoyed that kind of writing. There was no risk, I was not worried if what I had to say made sense or had a huge value to anyone else. It was like reminiscing or telling someone a story about a movie that I’d seen or a trip that I’d been on. It was just sharing some fun.

Blogging as part of a learning process feels different. It is somehow scary to write something that others will see, consider a reflection of how my brain works, how I look at and analyze things, how I connect ideas, rationalize etc. Also in a way it is more concrete, and feels more final.

I usually think aloud and learn a lot easier when I say what’s on mind, listen to how it sounds, think it over, question it, rephrase it, listen and watch for others’ reactions and responses to it as well as their ideas and opinions then perhaps start the cycle again.  How to transfer that into a blog? To write this blog I tried to imagine myself saying it but there is a lot missing like the non verbal cues and immediate feedback. There are things that I had to consider like keeping the post fairly short and structured, an area that I still need to work on.

I am confident that, if I write often enough and long enough, writing will get easier and better but I also know that it is important to practice the right things for the purpose … It is important to know what good looks like, what works, what is expected.

So, are there different types of blogging e.g. formal and informal, structured and unstructured? How do they fit within the learning process? Which is acceptable as an evidence of learning?

Wow … writing is exhausting 🙂 but I am enjoying the learning and looking forward to comparing how it feels at the end of this course.



2 thoughts on “Blogging for Learning

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on writing. I feel the same way! Someitmes what I put in writing feels much more concrete than it is meant to be. Like there is always a paper trail and I need to write, read, edit, re-write before I post! This is way time consuming and exhausting. Like you, I am hoping to get better at this with time!

    1. I am sorry I hadn’t acknowledge your post earlier Shellie, I am still trying to understand how the admin side of WordPress works.

      Another thing that I couldn’t find is your blog. I thought that your name will lead me to it but it is not linked so I am assuming that this means you’re not using nor logged into wordpress. I would like to pay you a visit at your blog too 🙂

      Just in case this doesn’t reach you I will email you the same comment, so, apologies for the double posting. Cheers, Maha

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